Superior Ant Extermination in Antioch, CA

Observing a lot of ants around your property or perhaps inside your house? If you have attempted but failed to remove the ants by yourself, we are right here to help you and provide the relief you want.

Ants in Contra Costa County

Regulating ants can be rather difficult which you are most likely aware of if you have actually ever encountered an ant concern at any time.

Nevertheless, the better you understand the ants, the more luck you’ll probably have at battling them and keeping them away for good.

Ant Entrances


Ants create multiple scent trails and travel in search of food using these trails. Our technicians can remove the ants, and their trails, for good. Call (925) 219-7918 today to get these annoying pests out of your home.

Many individuals are not lucky when it comes to determining where ants are getting inside the property and this is due to the fact that they just require the smallest of openings to get inside. Then they set out to look for oily or sweet compounds that are typically in one’s cabinets or pantry.

Understanding Antioch Ant Trails

You are most likely aware that ants leave and follow scent trails which is an invisible chemical that they leave when trekking across a surface area. When they come to a supply of food they will then turn around and follow the trail to the other ants.

Ant Nests & Colonies

Ants are not too fussy with regards to where their colony is developed, as long as it can’t be readily disturbed.

Colonies will normally have anywhere up to 300,000 ants, or even more, in a single colony. Should they sense a hazard is upon them they will quite quickly, and effortlessly, move. Worker ants can make it through up to seven years and queens can make it through as much as 15 years.

Let Us Help With Antioch Ant Treatments

If you already have ants invading your space you’ve most likely been making use of an over the counter solution or perhaps you have taken a more ‘natural’ strategy to eliminating the unwanted bugs. However, these aren’t constantly reliable and you may not be making use of the correct remedy for the particular sort of ant in your property.

If you are ready to discover full, complete relief from irritating ants you have to call for pest control in Antioch at (925) 219-7918 as soon as possible.